So why this business?

So why am I starting my own business? And why focus on serving associations and nonprofits?


It's really a short answer. It's about doing the most good for the most people.


By providing outside counsel, I can affect more than one organization at a time. Indeed, I do bring a certain knowledge base of how communications and marketing can help achieve the strategic objectives of associations and nonprofits. And by being an independent, I can keep better track of what's working out there so I can share it with more people and have a greater effect. And that's what it's about for me.


So why associations and nonprofits? I like to help people and organizations that are doing good work and are helping people in one way or the other. I like the passion and enthusiasm (it sure ain't the money) that association and nonprofit staff have for their work, their members or supporters, and how they can help society. If they don't have that passion, maybe I can help them get it back. And that's also what it's about for me.


And, oh, the name of the blog: "Let 'em Know." So many organizations out there are doing some great work but they don't fully communicate their successes. That's why we're here. To "Let 'em Know."

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